Leadership Team

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide our safety technologies to every person in every community worldwide as a deterrent to crime, as well as, a means to provide immediate help in any emergency situation; our solutions are designed to produce immediate help from multiple points of contact, thereby alleviating and minimizing danger. When people are in distress, rapid response times for getting needed help, maximizes the possibility of a positive outcome. We have developed solutions in order that children may not be bullied and assaulted, young adults may not be threatened and assaulted, adults and elderly may not be harassed and abused, and criminals who precipitate heinous acts would be brought to justice. The bottom line is, we provide immediate and comprehensive safety help to everyone on the planet in the quest to saves lives!"

Kevin McGary

Founder and President

Kevin McGary has spent the last 30 years working in the Information Technology industry. As a successful Sales and Business Development Executive, Kevin's background and accomplishments naturally align with My Safety Tech's growth projections and respective business models. My Safety Tech relies on leveraging large-scale deployments, and strategic partnerships and alliances with various disparate agencies, organizations and communities. His sense of emerging trends, and the need for increased personal, neighborhood and community safety is what drive Kevin's vision and passion to rapidly deploy and exponentially grow My Safety Tech so everyone (worldwide) has access to the My Safety Tech tools With rapid deployment and usage, he foresees millions of lives will be saved, and "justice" will be served!

Dr. Seeta Trivedi

Healthcare Consultant

Dr. Seeta Trivedi has a comprehensive understanding of healthcare from a patient, physician, administration, and insurer perspective. With experience in all facets of healthcare, combined with a firm foundation in technolog, medical devices and marketing, and healthcare regulatory bodies, she is dedicated to implementing new technology and processes to improve the quality and efficiency of healthcare. With extensive business growth, she managed her own global private practice and worked in the consulting, marketing, and business development arenas. Dr. Trivedi assisted various Asia based hospitals and healthcare organizations to develop their own comprehensive behavioral health, brain injury, cognitive retraining, and emergency medicine services. More recently, upon her return to the USA, Dr. Seeta Trivedi worked at IBM, specializing in software sales and account management for several notable healthcare organizations.

Akshay Mehta

Chief Technologist

Akshay Mehta has 25 years of experience - programming and 20 years in Business and IT Implementation of various sized projects. Led hundreds of Web/Mobile Projects to Successful Completion Domain Knowledge in Vast Areas. In Depth Knowledge in IT Planning, Execution and Administration Most successful web projects have had Millions of Dollars of sales per month. Most successful mobile phone apps have had million+ downloads