Use Cases


We need to help people see themselves using the technology and convey most common ways it can be used to keep people safe. With that said, Please use the following as use cases:

My Safety Tech solutions have been strategically developed to immediately alert friends and family, date and time stamp incidents, and provide a veritable "digital black box" (including audio, video, and location) of all incidents, accidents and medical emergencies. It is ideal for:

  • Parent Teacher organizations (PTA's) looking to prevent child-bullying, assaults and abductions. Children (K-12) who feel unsafe as they go to and fro school can now have a reliable "companion" specifically designed to help keep them safe!

  • All college students and their parents know that safety is one of the most important variables for enjoying and completing college. Now, ALL college students (whether living on or off campus) can immediately activate and use a safety tool designed to enhance their safety, while helping them to enjoy a fulfilling college experience!

  • Violence Prevention Agencies and community-centric organizations can now partner with My Safety Tech and provide an unparalleled safety tool to all the people they help protect and serve. When incidences of criminal activity occur, the people they serve are better protected, and they will be able to collect valuable evidence and help law enforcement bring perpetrators to justice.

  • Family Justice agencies that focus on helping support survivors of domestic violence and other forms of intimidation and physical abuse, will now be able to provide a simple solution that can be immediately deployed in order to discreetly capture evidence of abuse and restraining order violations. This is what is needed to document and provide life-saving remedies to women living under constant threat.

  • Elderly abuse has become rampant. With My Safety Tech's easy-to-use interface, the elderly can adopt a technology that will help them document instance of threats and abuse. Since many elderly people are still mobile, it is also a most valuable tool for helping them feel safe as they conduct banking and other chores.

  • Neighborhood, and Community policing "grass-roots" activists have become more concerned and therefore more active in attempting to curb crime within our neighborhoods and communities. The best way to serve and protect communities, is to first serve and protect individuals. My Safety Net ™ was specifically designed for this! Since My Safety Net ™ has capabilities that allow for capturing ANY incidents (whether personally involved or a spectator), and prevents perpetrators from being able to delete evidence (again, ALL incidents are directly streamed to Cloud), it is unparalleled in providing safety community activism and policing!

  • Anyone and everyone can be affected by unanticipated medical emergencies. Since medical emergencies happen, and many are "life and death" circumstances, the response time from emergency responders is critical. My Health Net ™ (release in Fall 2015) will help dramatically reduce response times of emergency responders (proactively arming them with life-saving information), while also alerting your safety net of family members, friends, neighbors and your doctor!